Improve your digital collaboration using AI

advaisor helps you to strengthen relationships

in teams and with clients

The advaisor add-in for Microsoft Outlook is basically a spell-checker, but working on emotions.

Dimitri Nabatov, CEO

Be positive, clear and polite in your communication

Improve the tone of your message in real-time to create a better work environment and build stronger relationships.

The advaisor add-in not only gives instant feedback on the tone and the understandability of your messages in context and also provides you with customized tips and reference information based on previous communication.

Receive ongoing training

While in-person training sessions are useful, learnings are quickly forgotten. Checklists often become dust collectors. 

The advaisor add-in provides ongoing training by continuously giving feedback on the tone, clarity, and empathy of all your messages.

Gain process efficiency

While outstanding client and stakeholder communication is a constant ambition, it is prone to inefficiency, human error, and misunderstandings.

The advaisor add-in reduces redundant back and forth communication and allows instant improvement on an individual level. 

Get insights about your work environment

Understanding the dynamics of work environments and how a corporate culture develops is crucial for any executive, Head of Culture Transformation or Head of Learning.

advaisor offers insights into the company culture in minutes, instead of months

What our partners say about advaisor

«The advaisor solution is absolutely essential when performing well internationally.»

Bob Dignen, York Associates

Dale Coulter, York Associates

«The advaisor solution is a unique opportunity for the nudging aspect.»


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