Boost your conversion by
5-10% within 1 hour using proven words that sell

Supercharging sales and marketing copywriting 

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The solution presented by advaisor [...] went much further than we expected. I am convinced that the tool will support us in [...] everyday life in the best possible way and will relieve us of a lot of work in the context of quality management.

Head Customer Satisfaction, Basler

Case Study: Improving customer comms

Quality in managing customer inquiries

Before state

  • Language guide and communication support for agents

  • Training / coaching of new people is very time-consuming (4-6 weeks)

  • Manual 4-eyes quality control by team leader

  • Recently high fluctuation, knowledge & experience was lost in the team

  • Quality of request handling was highly dependent on employees, not the process

After state

  • Quality measurable in written customer interaction

  • Automated consistency with language guide

  • 4-eyes quality checks by machine


  • 1 month

Our partners love us

(and we love them, too)


« [...]I like the advaisor software. It supports an inclusive language – directly when you are writing. It gives an alert when you use non-inclusive words and increases your awareness of the topic.

Try it out! »

Prof. Dr. Gudrun Sander

Director of the Competence Centre for Diversity & Inclusion 

University of St. Gallen


« In recent months, we all had to adapt to a more digital world – a world in which good online customer service is becoming massively more important. Thanks to advaisor AG’s AI-based solution – which analyses text for interaction and provides immediate feedback and suggestions for improvements – organisations can immediately make a positive impact on customer experience and satisfaction. This has not only impressed us, but also some large Swiss companies [...] »

Andrew Reid

Head of Startup program Microsoft Switzerland


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«The advaisor solution is absolutely essential when performing well internationally.»

Bob Dignen, York Associates

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Dale Coulter, York Associates

«The advaisor solution is a unique opportunity for the nudging aspect.»

How you benefit

Improve copy, convert
5-10% better

  • Boost conversion using proven words that sell

  • Transform your copy to a clear and engaging sales machine 

  • Be the brand that customers remember

Create converting
content 20-50% faster

  • Don't waste time guessing what message converts

  • Free up time to work on relevant tasks, not copy

  • Stop wasting time bothering colleagues to doublecheck your copy

Find out what copy works before testing it with customers

  • No shooting in the dark: learn what converts while writing

  • Have copywriting expert knowledge at your fingertips, not in google

Become a conversion superstar

Our customers used to do lengthy writing trainings and enforce language guides. No more!

Highlighting problems: receive real-time suggestions on how to make you copy clearer, more engaging, and converting

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Spot conversion issues in a blink of an eye

Our customers used to manually check copy over and over with colleagues, peers and experts. No more!


Check quality in all your scripts, messages or templates in seconds. Prioritize and collaborate on documents that don't reflect your quality standards.

Make sure clients love you 

Our customers used to do peer-to-peer reviews and manually fix sales scripts or marketing copy. With advaisor, they have the confidence that their copy will make the client happy.


Make your publishing efficient and guarantee that every message you send is excellent and converts - even from new employees or copywriters.

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