Client centricity

The constant creation of positive experiences for clients and colleagues

is at the core of every successful business relation. 

advaisor helps you to remove friction from digital communication.

Real-time feedback

It is not only important what you write, but how you write it.

advaisor assists you in ensuring that the recipient of your message perceives it the intended way.

While writing your message the advisor add-in for Microsoft Outlook gives you real-time feedback on tone, readability, clarity and formality of your message.

Sanity check

Receiving e-mails without a greeting or sign-off one might be under the impression that the sender did not take enough time for the message and hence, the business relation.

The advaisor add-in checks whether your message conforms to known writing standards such as always using a greeting and sign-off.

The add-in also addresses questions like has the writer used a collaborative tone by using "we" instead of "I"? Do you ask enough questions?  And is the message clear by not using long sentences?

Culture cards

While the analysis lays the foundation for improving your written communication, our tips help you to become an expert communicator.

The advaisor add-in gives you tips on how to give feedback and show appreciation to improve your practice of mindful communication. The tips are selected to encourage innovation, while creating a positive and stress-resistant work environment.

English or German - you name it

The advaisor add-in works for both German and English communication. It is an indispensable addition for any internationally active corporation working in the DACH region or with stakeholders located in that region (Germany, Austria, Switzerland).

Your benefits in the long run

Higher retention

Studies show that better client communication leads to reduced churn and growing revenue.

Less followup

complaint cases

Meeting your customers’ expectations with an excellent communication also reduces the risk of a followup complaint case.

Higher net promoter score

With the right communication clients feel that their requests are taken seriously and become promoters of your company.

Sounds interesting?

We are happy to arrange a meeting for you with our team.

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