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Transform your corporate culture using interaction data and AI

What makes a strong team? Not just exceptional individuals, but exceptional interaction.


advaisor is an AI-powered software company that can support everyone to become more aware of their own behaviour. advaisor software lends support to encourage meaningful, continuous feedback, tactful client conversations and prompt employee recognition.

Culture Analytics

Corporate culture is emerging as the number one priority for leading enterprises. Those who successfully manage to leverage it thrive while those who don't risk damage from lacking innovation, internal scandals or even cases of fraud.


The fact that culture is difficult to grasp, measure or express in hard data often challenges leaders and complicates action.

So advaisor software focuses on non-opinion based data without any employee surveys. Backed by fully GDPR compliant hard data on culture our clients can take action on the actual state of corporate culture.

Our culture analytics report covers the quality and quantity of internal collaboration, trust, feedback, client-centricity, appreciation and many more.

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