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Corporate culture

A great culture is the key to success in every company. Most of the companies also regularly point in written to these values.

But do you understand to what extent employees live these values in their everyday life?

Better communication means better collaboration

While defining a set of values is an essential step in a corporate environment, living such values is the more crucial but also challenging part.

The advaisor add-in for Microsoft Outlook creates cultural awareness in everyone’s everyday communication. In consequence, every employee becomes an ambassador of a vivid corporate culture that is lived in every sentence.

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Real-time feedback

An email received that contains no greeting or sign-off makes the impression that the sender did not take enough time for the message and hence, the business relation.

The advaisor add-in checks whether your message conforms to known writing standards such as always using a greeting and sign-off.

 The add-in also addresses questions like has the writer used a collaborative tone by using "we" instead of "I"? Do you ask enough questions? And is the message clear by not using long sentences?

Unbiased data

Studies have shown that survey results are highly prone to external biases such as seasonality, weather or the economic climate.

As a neutral third party, advaisor offers you ongoing real-time insights. Seasonal trends or such can hence be detected and measured against your own benchmark.

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Aggregated insights

Surveys or panels can only provide you with incomplete insights due to the temporary nature of one-time surveys or the difficulty in forming representative panels. advaisor solves both challenges by providing continuous insights on an aggregation level that you define - ranging from individual data to company-level intelligence.

Your benefits in the long run

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Employer branding

Caring about internal collaboration and communication demonstrates high potential candidates your motivation to be a top employer.

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Quantitative insights complementing surveys

While surveys might provide qualitative feedback, advaisor offers you quantitative insights on internal processes and interactions.

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Increase in productivity

A reduction in friction and misunderstandings leads to leaner processes and therewith an increase in productivity.

Sounds interesting?

We are happy to arrange a meeting for you with our team.

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