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We help customer service departments to boost client friendliness using AI

advaisor helps agents to perfectly answer customer requests, boost client satisfaction as well as improve productivity KPIs.

Real-time coaching

It is not only important what you write, but also how you write it.

advaisor assists your agents in ensuring that the client perceives it the intended way.

While writing your message the advisor add-in for Microsoft Outlook provides real-time feedback on tone, readability, clarity and other dimensions.

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Quality checks

In customer service following the company styleguide is important for consistent customer experience. The software allows for customization to ensure high-quality communication.

The advaisor add-in checks whether a message conforms to defined writing standards such as always using a greeting and sign-off.

Further company-specific dimensions can be integrated, e.g. to ensure desired words are used and jargon avoided.

Tips & tricks

While the analysis ensures high-quality written communication, our tips & tricks help your agents to improve skills and follow-up on previous training.

The tips & tricks are filled with best practices and can be further customized to reflect your desired training follow-up. This feature helps to improve the recollection of trained material.

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English or German - you name it

The advaisor add-in works for both German and English communication. It is an indispensable addition for any internationally active corporation working in the DACH region or with stakeholders located in that region (Germany, Austria, Switzerland).

Your benefits

Increased first contact resolution (FCR)

  • Positive impression

  • Customer loyalty

  • Free-up agent time

Lowered average handling time (AHT)

  • Cost reduction

  • Less repetition

  • Lower operations

Increased customer service quality

  • Fewer mistakes

  • Clearer processes

  • More measurability

Sounds interesting?

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