We help customer service to reduce follow-up requests

Higher FCR through quality assurance in customer communication


The solution presented by advaisor [...] went much further than we expected. I am convinced that the tool will support us in [...] everyday life in the best possible way and will relieve us of a lot of work in the context of quality management.

Head Customer Satisfaction, Baloise

Case Study: Baloise Insurance

Quality in managing customer inquiries

Initial situation

  • Language guide and communication support for agents

  • Training / coaching of new people is very time-consuming (4-6 weeks)

  • Manual 4-eyes quality control by team leader

  • Recently high fluctuation, knowledge & experience was lost in the team

  • Quality of request handling was highly dependent on employees, not the process


  • Quality measurable in written customer interaction

  • Automated consistency with language guide

  • 4-eyes quality checks by machine


  • 1 month

How you benefit

5-30% less follow-up requests

  • Higher FCR through clear communication

  • Improved customer loyalty

  • More time for strategic projects

5-20% lower

average handling time

  • Cost reduction

  • Fewer repetitive tasks

  • Smaller operational workload of managers

Higher quality in

customer service

  • Measurability of quality and accountability

  • Reduced error rate

  • Clear, structured processes

Fewer follow-up inquiries thanks to customer-centric writing

A successfully processed inquiry and a well formulated response inspires the customer and builds customer loyalty. Communication is key.

Improved communication quality
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Lower average handling time through real-time coaching, instead of feedback from colleagues

Counter-reading takes the time of several agents and impairs their productivity. Real-time AI Coach saves valuable time.

Higher quality in templates and measurable improvements

Frequently used templates must be of the highest quality, cleverly and uniformly formulated.

advaisor checks all templates in seconds and gives feasible advice for improvements. This saves time and ensures a pleasant customer experience and higher NPS/CSAT.


Our customers include





  • Customer Service Playbook

  • Proven methods and case studies

  • Microlearning Videos for Agents



  • Automatic quality inspection of originals

  • Historical Team Analysis

  • Determination of the starting position


  • Interactive use of the Playbook

  • Real-time Coaching

  • Performance measurement

30% less follow-up requests within 1 month

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Core task customer loyalty

Download quality assurance plans as main pillars

Customer Services Report 2020

Customer service, a strategically important role in change


We are

advaisor AG

advaisor AG is a spin-off of the ETH Zurich and Microsoft Gold Partner

Frequently asked questions

Set up playbook

Why is a customer service playbook so central?

Customer inquiries allow companies to improve products, correct errors in processes, thus securing customer loyalty and opening up new sales potential. A playbook establishes the necessary processes.

What topics are covered in the playbook?

Among other things, the playbook deals with the following aspects: Which processes have to be in place, how to ensure high quality in customer service, how an agent should behave in customer contact, how to communicate, which language should be used - which not.

Who has to create the playbook?

In most cases, the person responsible for the departmental KPIs ensures functioning processes. The playbook is usually created by the team leader or the area manager, possibly with the help of a project team.

Is a playbook a language guide?

The playbook goes beyond the language guide and also includes process steps.

Team uses playbook

How can a playbook be integrated into the process?

The optimal customer experience is created through processes and systems. Agents make fewer mistakes. Example: a process step is the answer writing and there the word "letter money" should be avoided. It is indicated as an error by a control process and "postage" is suggested instead.

Is this suitable for my industry?

Yes, the playbook is generally designed for customer service. Industry-specific aspects can be added.

How long does a process integration of quality checks take?

Depending on the complexity, integration can be completed in 1-4 weeks.


Where can my team use snippets and templates?

In the system where reply letters are created, e.g. Microsoft Word, Outlook, Service Now etc.

How are snippets and templates created?

Customer responses are ordered according to the most frequent requests. As a first priority, snippets and templates are created, which cover 80% of cases in 20% of the time and have a positive effect on the AHT (Average Handling Time).

How much time do snippets and templates save?

Using snippets and templates is about 3-15 times faster than writing a text from scratch. With 1'000 replies per year this can mean an AHT (Average Handling Time) reduction of 1-5%.

Communication templates

Why is it so important to have excellent templates?

Templates make operations more efficient, but also have a great leverage effect because they are used over and over again. Therefore, templates must always be of the highest quality.

How can I efficiently improve the quality of our templates?

The templates must be in a text format such as Word (.doc; .docx). After that, rules must be created according to the playbook / language guide to make the matching of the templates.

How quickly can you make 100 templates more customer-friendly?

100 templates can be checked for quality in a few seconds and poor-quality templates can be revised in 1-3 person days.

Continuous quality control

How does an autoreviewer work?

In customer communication, an automated quality control is performed to show agents possible improvements.

Can autoreviewers replace more than just words?

Yes, autoreviewers help the author improve words, phrasing, sentence complexity, tonality, jargon, comprehensibility and other dimensions.

How do agents react to an autoreviewer?

The agents gain self-confidence because they are not made aware of errors by the team leader or other employees.

How does an autoreviewer influence service quality?

Gross errors are eliminated more efficiently, saving experienced
agents and the team leader time and reduce subsequent complaints.

General questions

How do I reduce subsequent complaints?

To reduce subsequent complaints, processes and employees must be customer-centric. Customer service must be of the highest quality. Mistakes towards the customer must be avoided.

How do I increase the quality of our customer service?

Quality controls must be built into the process and must be effective. Quality must not depend on external factors, such as the daily form of agents.

What does the playbook contain?

The playbook includes best practices, process designs, codes of conduct, communication rules and other customer service guidance.

How does the advaisor customer communication software work?

Agents get real time feedback from the software and get advice on how to make their communication more customer friendly.

What happens when we work together?

We look at the existing situation, define with the help of advaisor software quality KPIs that we want to improve in customer communication and install processes and systems to achieve them.

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