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Continous Feedback Culture

Speaking up and giving feedback is a central part of learning and improvement. It drives innovation, collaboration and error handling: it's ok to make mistakes, as long as one learns from them.

Learning as default

Make giving feedback as natural as correcting a spelling mistake in an email. With a seamless integration into your mail, chat or calendar software, advaisor software encourages feedback across hierarchies, functions and skills.

Make "learning from each other" a default setting of your organisation. Tap into its social capital and crowd knowledge.

Feedback promotes trust, and trust leads to collaboration. Make 1+1=3 truly count in your firm.

Company-wide sustainable change 

Change is difficult, especially where people have been doing things in a similar manner for a long time. Once norm and behaviour patterns are established, only continuous repetition of new patterns will help to shift one's mindset.

advaisor, therefore, uses existing collaboration tools such as mail or chat to seamlessly remind everyone to include feedback, enterprise-wide, using AI.

To make a transformation successful, it is crucial to have data to support it. Through the analytics platform, we offer the possibility to assess the transformation progress as it happens and support with hard data around feedback and other soft-skills, thereby fully respecting personal privacy and integrity.

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