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  • Marc Hauser

Demo Day SwissNex

Updated: Dec 6, 2019

After spending 3 intense weeks in San Francisco with SwissNex, building, learning and improving, the big day has come: It's Demo Day and advaisor AG is on stage!

The SwissNex office at the Pier 17 is filled with corporates, investors and partners. To present on stage, 6 startups are getting ready to convince the audience and the jury in 90 second pitches. The atmosphere is tense and the jury is getting ready to rate the performance of each of the contendants.

After a tense, competitive and tight race the huge relief: advaisor AG is the proud winner of the swissnex San Francisco Demo Day and super excited win the main price: The beautiful office space at the Pier 17 at Swissnex San Francisco!

For more information, please refer to startupticker.

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